This is a Hands-on, Interactive Tour for all ages. Guests will have the chance to touch, feed and/or get an up close look at each of the animals in our diverse collection while learning about the important role that each animal plays in its environment and the amazing adaptations that allow them to be successful.  Our discussion can be adapted for all ages from preschool to adult.

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Hand feed an endangered ring-tailed lemur, touch a shark, hold a starfish, explore our live coral reef, see the softer side of the worlds largest porcupine, spend time in the outback with Oliver the wallaby and the emu gang, have a conversation with a parrot, meet many amazing reptiles and amphibians up close and personal  and much more... 

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Tours are approximately 90 minutes depending on size of the group and depth of discussion.  An additional 30 minutes in our picnic area is also included at the end of your tour.

Important Note:  The videos below are links from our YouTube channel. Only the 1st video in each section is ours.  If you go to another video in the section it is a suggested video from YouTube and not posted by us.  If you would like to watch a video over again be sure to hit the replay button in the bottom left corner of the video once it has finished playing. 

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