Coming Spring 2015

    Australian Emus

The world's 2nd largest bird and

one of the closest living relatives

of the dinosaurs.

Coming Soon

  Opening Winter 2015

Our on-site showroom will allow visitors to experience many animals and exhibits that can not travel with us as well as enjoying a fun, safe and educational hands on experience that you can't find anywhere else.  This is perfect for small to medium sized groups that want to experience the jungle but are not having a large party or event. 

We will be offering picnic facilities, new exhibits inside

and out and new hands-on experiences for the whole family.  Our outdoor facilities will also allow for larger groups to experience the jungle and larger scale shows to be performed on site. 

          Spring/ Summer 2015  

Further Expansion and Improvements

Construction is underway on our new Ocean Experience that will allow guests to see and touch many amazing sea creatures including starfish, urchins, crabs, sharks, rays and many more. Explore our 6 foot coral reef, starfish and invertebrate touch pool, shark and ray pool and see many beautiful fish from around the world while enjoying an up close, hands on experience you will never forget.