Welcome to Supe’s Exotic Jungle.  Please take a few moments to browse our website and feel free to ask us if you have any questions about any of our animals or products. 

  We pride ourselves on customer service as well as continually improving and staying one step ahead with our innovative products and animal husbandry.  We do not believe in overbreeding animals and you can rest assured that the animals we sell are treated like our pets before becoming yours.  They are more than just numbers to us and we believe in producing only quality animals that retain their value instead of flooding the market with low quality animals that will eventually be lost or forgotten when their value is lost.  

We are always willing to share our knowledge with anyone interested in reptile and amphibian husbandry and you can find lots of free information in the “Caresheet” section.    You can also get a look at some of our breeding stock in the “Gecko Breeders” section and find photos and videos of many of our setups and animals on our facebook page and youtube channel.

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 Upcoming Show Schedule

(More dates will be added soon)

 3/8/2014  Michigan Reptile Show (Taylor, MI)